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Απαγόρευση Kαι Περιορισμός Aντικειμένων

Forbidden and restricted items

Before you list your item, you must make sure that we allow it on BuyorSell, or if we have special conditions about how an item can be listed.
It is also your responsibility to make sure any item you list complies with all Greek and European laws.

Forbidden Items 

Below is a list of items which you are not allowed to list on BuyorSell:

  • Alcohol
  • Animal traps
  • Agricultural compounds
  • CCTV footage
  • Cigarette and novelty lighters
  • Cigarette or nicotine replacements
  • Copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Credit cards
  • Digital currency
  • Digital content
  • Event tickets
  • Fireworks
  • Flights
  • Food
  • Frequent flyer points
  • Gang paraphernalia/memorabilia
  • Government documents, ID’s & passports
  • Human and animal bodies or body parts
  • Laser pointers
  • Lottery and raffle tickets
  • Magnetic and smart card readers
  • Medicines
  • Medical equipment
  • Menacing dogs
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Nazi and Nazi-related items
  • Novelty lighters
  • Needles and syringes
  • Offensive memorabilia and propaganda
  • Real estate
  • Recreational drugs
  • Software that interfaces with the BuyorSell website
  • Supplements
  • Tobacco
  • VCDs
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Weapons
  • Wholesale lists


Restricted Items 

Below is a list of items that you are allowed to list and sell on BuyorSell but are restricted as follows:


  • Adult and sex related items
  • Air guns (BB and paintball guns)
  • Animals
  • Baby strollers and prams
  • Chainsaws
  • Electrical items
  • Fur
  • Gas appliances
  • Paint colours
  • Services
  • Tanning beds
  • Underwear


Note: This list of forbidden and restricted items is not exhaustive, and is intended only as a guide. BuyorSell reserves the right to determine what items are or are not allowed to be listed on our site at any time.  We may remove items that are not listed below if we decide that they are offensive, in breach of our terms and conditions, or are in any other way a risk that we are not prepared to take. This list is subject to change without notice.



Adult items
Any adult rated items (magazines, DVDs, toys etc.) must be listed in the Sexual Wellness category. Items listed in any other category will be removed without notice.
Descriptions must not contain explicit language or images. BuyorSell will remove any image or description it deems offensive. 

Airguns (BB and paintball guns)
Buyers must be over the age of 18. You must abide by all Greek and European laws when buying and using these items.


You may not list any endangered species, protected wildlife, sports fish, game or any protected animals under Greek Law.

You may not list any part of an animal (for example: ivory, teeth or fur). If you are unsure about any item, please check the CITEs site.

You must comply with national animal identification and tracking schemes.

Pianos and bagpipes with ivory keys manufactured before 1975, can be listed and sold.

Menacing dogs
You may not list the following dog breeds: 

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Brazilian Fila
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Presa Canario
  • Any other canine that is deemed dangerous at the time of these conditions and any after. 

All animals must be approved by BuyorSell. Please contact us at


Baby strollers and prams

Baby strollers and prams can be listed, but must comply to all Greek and European health and safety standards.


Chainsaws can be listed but must contain the relevant safety brake and equipment. These items must comply with the current ISO standards.


Electrical items
All electrical items listed must be safe to use. All appliances must adhere to all Greek and European safety standards.


You may list second hand items only containing fur from animals covered by CITEs. New items cannot be listed.


Gas appliances
All new and second-hand gas appliances must be safe to use. Before being listed, these goods must be declared safe, by a qualified engineer. All items must adhere to all Greek and European safety standards.


Paint colours
If you are listing paints which are “tinted to” or “similar to” the colours of certain brands, you may not refer to those brands. 

You may list services only in the designated service area.

You may only list sunbeds or sunlamps if you include the following information within your listing:

  • Anyone under 18 should not use sunbeds or sunlamps
  • A warning that fair-skinned people may be at greater risk to skin damage
  • Recommend use of safety goggles

In addition, you cannot make any therapeutic or health claims about the use of these products.


Used or second hand underwear may be listed on the site, however, it must be washed thoroughly. 


Important Information:

Please read the below information regarding other types of listings:


Copyright and other intellectual property rights
You must not list any item which infringes anyone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. As a seller it is your responsibility to ensure the items you list and the content of your listing are not in breach of any intellectual property rights.

Digital content
These restrictions on digital content are to prevent breaches of intellectual property rights and to ensure the requirements of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classifications Act 1993 (FVPC Act) are met. 

You may not list any of the following unless one of the exceptions below applies:

  • Digital content (such as photos, software, audio files including music, and digital video files).
  • Storage devices (such as hard drives, flash drives, CDs or DVDs) containing digital content (if the contents of the device would not otherwise be allowed to be listed).
  • Access to subscription-based digital content (such as Netflix or Hulu accounts).
  • Accounts or memberships for online services (such as gaming networks).

Exceptions: Provided the item or content is classified in accordance with the FVPC Act or does not require classification, you may list:

  • Accounts, subscriptions or access to digital content or online services, but only if the service provider allows it (for example, Sky Television does not allow the re-sale of Sky subscriptions).
  • Digital content (like games and other software) on original discs.
  • Installation keys for games, add-on packs and items such as avatars and account top-ups for PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Installation keys for software.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software, but only together with the equipment for which it is licensed.
  • Text works (such as eBooks) for which you are the sole copyright owner and the original author.

Human or animal bodies or body parts
You may not list a human body or body parts on the site. This includes such items as sperm, eggs, excrement, and bone. 

Items subject to product safety standards
The following items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them on the site:

  • Baby strollers
  • Bicycle and motorcycle helmets
  • Children’s nightwear
  • Children’s restraints
  • Children’s toys
  • Cots
  • Electrical items
  • Gas appliances
  • Pedal bicycles
  • Ladders

Offensive memorabilia and propaganda 
You may not list items that promote or glorify racial, sexual, religious or other intolerance, hatred or violence, or that promote organisations with such views. Nazi and Ku Klux Klan memorabilia and propaganda is usually prohibited although we generally allow the sale of historical coins and postage stamps from Germany and educational books about World War II or Nazi Germany. You may not use wording that could be considered derogatory or offensive in this context.
We reserve absolute discretion as to whether we permit or prohibit listings of this type.
Gang paraphernalia/memorabilia
You may not list gang-related paraphernalia or memorabilia on the site. BuyorSell reserves the right to determine (in our sole discretion) what is considered to be gang-related. Any item that is derogartive to any race is not permitted to be listed.

You may not list weapons intended for attack purposes, including (without limitation):

  • Knives, or weapons incorporating blades which are designed to be thrown such as throwing knives, ninja stars, or throwing axes.
  • Knives with a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring, or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife, commonly known as flick knives or switchblades.
  • Knives with a blade that is released from the handle or sheath by the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force, commonly known as butterfly or gravity knives. 
  • Any knife or blade which is designed to give the appearance of another article such as sword sticks.
  • Any knife (excluding folding pocket knives with a blade less than 10cm in length) that is designed for easy concealment on the body, or has a double-edged blade designed for stabbing/throwing.
  • Knuckle dusters, nunchucks, mace/morning star/flail, axes (designed/advertised as weapons) hooks, and spikes.
  • Side handled/ASP/expandable batons, pepper/OC spray. stun guns or Tasers.
  • Any weapon, the possession of which would constitute a criminal offence under current European law

Listings may not promote or imply violence. This includes describing (or implying) that an item can be used in fighting, security, military or combat scenarios, or that using it in self-defense may cause injury (for example a ‘self-defense knife’).

If you are unsure please check local and European laws.

BuyorSell reserves the right to remove any listing which it deems to be for an offensive weapon.

If you are unsure if your item can be listed, please contact us at