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There is a huge amount of trust placed when trading with someone you do not know. This feedback function is in place to assist all members decisions in trading with a particular buyer or seller.

Each member of BuyorSell has their own feedback section, with comments and ratings relating to their activities on the BuyorSell website.

Positive feedback helps both sellers and buyers become trusted members, increasing their online reputation and their overall experience using the website. For this reason, we ask you to always follow these rules when placing feedback:

Feedback should only be relevant to the specific member and transaction you are placing feedback for.

– All feedback must be written honestly, fairly and only include accurate information. 

– You must not post abusive statements about any member, as you can be held legally responsible for damaging another member’s reputation.

BuyorSell will regularly and randomly monitor feedback to be sure it adheres to our standards. We may monitor and remove feedback at our discretion.


Feedback is taken very seriously on BuyorSell. We believe members have the right to build a good trading reputation, by gaining positive comments and ratings from fellow traders. Any negative feedback given, will not be adjusted by BuyorSell and will remain a permanent part of your BuyorSell account.

There are however certain circumstances that will result in feedback being removed or edited. BuyorSell will remove or edit:


  • feedback that contains swear words or other offensive or inappropriate content
  • feedback that is not relevant to that particular member or transaction
  • feedback that contains any private personal information, contact details or other means to individually identify the trader
  • feedback that breaches any of our terms and conditions
  • feedback that has been placed by a member who has been permanently removed from the site
  • feedback referring to any ongoing investigation by BuyorSell, or any authorised legal party

If you think feedback has been unfairly placed about you, we encourage you to contact the other trader to resolve this, before contacting us at